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Buzz Nick

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Dmegs Directory
Skoobe Link Directory Business Directory
Wisconsin Web Directory
United States Web Design Directory
1America Mall Business and Shopping Directory
2SearchShopping Directory


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Webmaster Central at
Webmaster Tools at

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The goal of this page is to create a link repository for webmasters to use to assist them in the self promotion of their website.
If you would like to add a services or directory to the list above please send your information and link to the site or service to links [at]

An addition of any service or directory does not garuntee any results.  This is a tool to help webmasters and bring free or low cost self promotion to the finger tips of webmasters. Designs For Me does not endorse personally any of the companies or in any way take payments to be included in the above lists.  If you are a webmaster and you used this site please spread the word and link back to use, thank you.

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